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How can I help the World?

What can one person do to help the world?

An often asked question. In fact when a friend asked the question the other day I said, "You can only deal with what's in front of you." (This is a variation on the Emergency doctors' soul saving statement.)

Some people do big global things - Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai. That is not what is in front of me (at least at the moment). What IS in front of me is that I have gifts to share with the world: Power Coaching™ with Mind-Kinetics™ and Psych-K® (and, coming soon, PER-K®) on top of 25 years of business experience.

I have seen so much good come out of working with these tools that I feel a compulsion to share them with others!

By helping individuals clear their self sabotaging beliefs and behaviours, getting them happier, healthier and more authentic they will make everyone with whom they work and live and interact happier, healthier and more authentic.

This is my way to help the world. It starts with helping you.

Want to know more?

C 403.470.5973


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