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Power Coaching embodies ICF's Philosophy, Definition of Coaching, Code of Ethics, Ethical Guidelines and Core Competencies. CLI's science of Mind-Kinetics and Mentoring are used to maximize the benefit to our Clients. The tools never fail to assist our clients in achieving the results they desire because they are scientifically designed to open closed 'thinking cells'.

Science has proven that behaviours and habits will only change if there is a physiological shift in our 'thinking cells'. CLI has developed unparalleled tools and processes, which allow Clients to quickly determine their root causes of their inability to be productive in a certain competency, and more importantly, create that physiological shift in the brain. In addition, Mind-Kinetics® tools like The Brain Walk® automatically open up the Client's innovative thinking centres to lead them to create the solutions they need to achieve their goals. 

Our commitment is to assist the Client in creating innovative solutions for all areas of their life. CLI's processes root out the core causes of our inability to be successful. The results are fast and effective. 

Mind-Kinetics® Explained

According to Webster, "kinetics" means "movement .a branch of science that deals with changes in a physical or chemical system. The mechanism by which a physical or chemical change is effected." 

As children, fascinated with potential and kinetic energies, many of us wondered "How do we effectively take the enormous potential of a human being and put it into motion (kinetics)?"

CLI's PCMK™ tools turn our thoughts into positive action (kinetics).

Years of CLI research and development have yielded the secret to permanently changing behaviours to maximize results for individuals and whole corporations alike. We now understand how to assist our Clients in literally putting their minds into "motion". 

The secret, the magic, is called The Science of Mind-Kinetics®. 

Mastery begins by knowing (as per Candace Pert, Bruce Lipton and other scientists) that habits and behaviours will only change with a physiological shift in the brain. 

Mind-Kinetics (putting our brain into motion) is a science with many components including:

  1. Questions and processes are engineered to move between left brain and right brain in order to stimulate whole-brain thinking.

  2. Questions and processes encourage bilateral thinking - ability to switch easily between left and right hemispheres for quick and easy solutions to challenges and goals.

  3. For centuries, science has recognized the power of colour. For example, we feel more peaceful when we look at the pristine blue of the sea vs a painting that uses only the colour red. 

  4. The Universal Laws of Human Behaviour are vitally important to the Power Coaching® process. We begin to understand why we do the things we do. 

  5. Embodied within the PCMK process are the 75+ values of humanity. Spirit-ual values like honesty, courage, faith and discernment bring us to a deeper understanding of human behaviour.

In essence, PCMK brings us enormous success in all areas of life because these discovery tools create shifts in our thinking at a cellular level. The tools are unique and fun!

In your first session, we will cover the Coach-Client relationship, the science of Mind-Kinetics®, learn The BrainWalk® and discuss the areas of life that you most want to improve. You'll have some homework before and after our first session, including completing some profiles and your Learning and Development plan, which allows us to track your Return On Investment (ROI) on your investment in yourself.

Subsequent sessions will each polish one or more facets on the diamond that is you! as we get to the heart of what is between you and the life you desire.

Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics®

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